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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirSaver?

AirSaver is a complete packaging system that provides on-demand void-fill air pillows to fill in dead space in the box and cushion wrap for added protection on shipping any fragile products and to help streamline your shipping operations and reduce costs. The solution comprises of an AirSaver machine that produces the material and various sized films used to produce the pillows. The pillows are stored flat on a roll until it is ready for inflation.

How do I qualify for a FREE AirSaver Machine?

We offer our machine FREE provided you purchase monthly supplies of film from us. If you are currently using void-fill materials to ship your products and interested to see if you qualify, please call us directly at (800) 782-9008 to speak to one of our sales representative. We can put together a quick cost saving analysis for your review and to see if you qualify.

How can I get my account set up?

We have made the process of acquiring our machine extremely simple and streamlined. All we need is a customer application form and the equipment agreement form completed. We will get your account set up the same day and the machine will ship out within 1-2 business days.

I already have an airbag machine from someone else, why should we change to yours?

We have a unique business model that allows us to pass significant savings directly to you. Our machines are much easier to setup and operate compared to our competitors, and we can help reduce your packaging cost with lower priced supplies and lower monthly minimums.

How is AirSaver different from the material I'm using now?

Compared to packaging peanuts, Air Pillows are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The end user can simply recycle the air bags with no mess and clean-up required. In addition, since Air Pillows are stored and shipped flat until inflated, it saves a lot of space and shipping cost. 1 roll of AirSaver 4" X 8" film is equivalent to 92 cubic feet of popcorn. In addition, on a cost per cubic feet basis, Air Pillows can save most companies 20-50% off the price of popcorn.

What happens if the machine stops working?

If the machine stops working, please check our troubleshooting guide (link) or contact our technical support team. There are a few troubleshooting items we can check and majority of the time, most issues can be directly resolved by you onsite. If the problem continues, we can ship you a replacement unit right away. We just ask that you ship back the original machine.

Can I use any brand of film on your machine?

Our Machine is designed to use with our film type only and competitors product will not work in our machine and because we are providing the machine to you free of cost, our only condition is that you utilize AirSaver brand film and AirSaver brand supplies. Qualifying customers are required to purchase a certain amount of film per month to keep the unit free. This will be clearly stated in the machine agreement when you sign up for a machine.

Is there any maintenance required on the machine?

There are two maintenance parts that might require occasional replacement; the blade that cuts open the bags and the Teflon belt that seals the bags. We use high quality components for both of these and with typical usage, the components should last 2-3 years before replacement is required. We do provide detailed instructions on how to replace these items because it is easy to replace and require no special training.

Does your machine come with Free Accessories?

We provide free accessories depending on your estimated roll usage. Our complete AirSaver packaging solution consists of the AirSaver unit, Stand and collection basket. Please contact one of our sales representative for full details and requirements.

Do you carry other packaging products?

We now offer additional paper solutions, please contact us for additional information.